The Terror

The news fills me with dread I see a array of devastating reports on climate change The burning of our rainforest artic on fire oceans rising apocalyptic storms and hurricanes The terror the horror of our future what will life be like in 50 years I have trouble breathing as these nightmarish climate stories provoke […]

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Can’t sleep cant stop sweating This heat is exhausting I’m sweating profusely throughout the day At night i laying in my bed with my windows open The sweat breeze gives a moment of elation but the muggy heat is relentless I am tossing and turning all night diligently trying all manner of things to end […]

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My anxiety is peaking the thunderstorm has begun The rumble of thunder followed by a exhilarating flash of lighting I had to close all my windows despite the sweltering heat I’m terrified of being struck by lighting Yet its truly exciting to witness a thunderstorm Maybe because i live in Britain where there’s a dearth […]

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