I Drank The Poison

Last night i was afflicted with a harrowing evocative nightmare In this chilling nightmare i found myself being administered a noxious concoction that would end my life A women clothed in white advised me to consume the deadly cocktail I acquiesced to her vehement demands and downed it wanting to end the oppressive pain of […]

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Drifting away into realms of my subconscious I dream in colour with a polychromatic visions that float through my unconscious mindI am sailing through the vast wondrous galaxy with a awe inspiring incandescent stars beaming not my engrossed mind Reds and blues and greens illuminate the horizon I’m in ecstasy In this euphoric dream I’m […]

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I’m not here I’m already dead I meander aimlessly through life floating like a ghost Nobody looks at me pays a modicum of attention to meAm I alive am a phantom is there blood in my veins I feel numb devoid of vitality no colour in my pallid complexion I have stopped smiling stop exhibiting […]

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No emotion no colour no feeling in my weary bones I am dead waiting to die feeling nothing existing as a ghost I meander through life aimlessly in languid zombie like states of numbed despair I am dead i have become death The emotion the insatiable slug for life has faded away The desire for […]

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The House Of Mirrors

Its fast approaching midnight my body is weary my eyes are drowsy. I am wearing my silky crimson jimjams which i typically wear when the British climate becomes more clement and not so stiflingly humid. My anxiety has dissipated as i sense the serene effects of the cannabis i inhaled minutes ago. With my body […]

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A Harrowing Dream

I fell asleep and witnessed in the recesses of my subconscious a nightmare In this dream i was back home in my childhood house I entered my parents room with trepidation I opened the door tentatively there was my mother not dead but alive in this vivid evocative dream She was there with firefly red […]

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My Room

The curtains are closed I’m tucked inside my cosy duvet I’m gazing at the assemblage of art scattered on my wallSoft soothing jazz is blaring from my speakers I’m lost in a trance like mediative state I smoke a thick cannabis joint that dulls my anxiety I am enthralled by the combination of music and […]

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