The Wedding Part 1

Its 8:00 am i have awoken at a ungodly early hour on a clement august Saturday in my old bed in my old house on this supposedly momentous day. Its the day of my fathers wedding day his second wedding nearly 10 years since the traumatic suicide of my mum. 10 years ago my mum […]

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Checked Out

Gone in the head the emotion runs dryI’ve checked out of the world The depression has destroyed me left me a shattered shell of a man Friends family are discarded I never go out no point My eyes dead no live no exuberance just a listless dead expression I have ceased smiling laughing I have […]

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In The Mirror

I gaze at myself on the mirror I stare for 10 minutes and am horrified at this pallid visage that glares back at meThe mirror reveals all its a window into my soul The mirror is a unforgiving dissection of my physical imperfections Before i take the brave step to look at myself in the […]

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My body is permeated with disquiet My thoughts are cloudy my mind racked with fear I cant control my breathe as I breathe erratically when I’m in public People stare at me the anxiety intensifies i fall down a black hole of sadness On the outside i never feel safe I’m alone terrified of a […]

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The House Of Mirrors

Its fast approaching midnight my body is weary my eyes are drowsy. I am wearing my silky crimson jimjams which i typically wear when the British climate becomes more clement and not so stiflingly humid. My anxiety has dissipated as i sense the serene effects of the cannabis i inhaled minutes ago. With my body […]

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