Terminal Depression

Can’t shake this pain It makes my bones ache with sadness I can barely walk i can barely function its so excruciating to live with This depression this pain is terminal its like having a cancer infecting you’re entire body One day i will awake and be unable to carry on living this way One […]

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The voices in my head as i gaze at my hideous visage in the mirrorFreak freak ugly monster you hideous unlovable cunt These internal voices reverberate in my fractured psyche They grow more vociferous as i interact with the general public I’m a unlovable freak a social leperIm cursed with this ugly exterior that is […]

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The Dark Foreboding Forest

I saunter outside into the unknown into the dark forest Its filled with creatures and monsters wanting to hurt me I am paralysed with anxiety as i wander alone into the forest The paranoia intensifies I don’t feel save her My heart races at a accelerated paceI am struggling to breathe my knees tremble my […]

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My Body

In the mirror I inspect my body I am naked dissecting every flaw every crackLooking at my pallid emaciated body with horror No curves no shape just a flat 2d body devoid of personality I have no ass its no bumps just a flat featureless assMy breasts are tiny insignificant no man will be seduced […]

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The Ecstasy Of Self Harm

Its a Sunday evening i am laying on my black and white duvet gazing at the white featureless ceiling preparing my body and soul for a evening of blissful masochism. Its been months since my last glorious self harm session. I have been lacerating my under arm for years since i was 14 years old. […]

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Fucked Up In The Head

I’m damaged I’m broken I’m so fucked up in the head I hear voices they scream they bellow at me They call me ugly they call me a bitch These voices make me paranoid they tear me apart In public I’m so anxiety ridden i suffer from a panic attacks I feel so intensely self […]

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Blood On The Floor

I took a deep laceration this time There’s a profusion if blood that’s emanated from my arms The wound is deep it might scar it might require disinfectant to adequately heal The dangerously sharp shade of glass has left me in ecstasy tonight Tomorrow and for days i will be paralysed with excruciating agonising pain […]

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Haven’t slept for the past 2 nightsDon’t feel tired just weary in a perpetual state of anxiety 48 hours since i drift into unconsciousness I am afflicted with insomnia sporadically it occurs several times a year Right now I feel strange it’s like being stoned Going so lone without sleep you not really awake just […]

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