Ugly Girl

I’m a ugly girl such a fucking ugly girlUgly enough to not want to exist Hate the skin i live in this bag of bones devoid of shape No man looks at me with a lustful gaze i am a invisible to all men I’m so ugly i cant stand the way I appear in […]

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Rumbling In My Stomach

I see has angelic radiating face my heart flutters My stomach rumbles with nervous excitement He smiles at me with his immaculate iridescent smile Why is he gazing at me i averted my gaze as his luscious emerald green eyes beguile me When i see him at the coffee bar in the university campus I’m […]

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Laying prostrate almost comatose in my bed dreaming of death Sick and twisted thought are ruminating in my mind I cant move from the pain of this depression i want death i want to be nothing I am already dead as the emotion has been vanquished from my body as this dead sensation permeates my […]

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I Wish

I wish i was beautiful I wish I could laugh without angst I wish i could look at myself in the mirror without seeing a ugly creature peering back at me I wish i could socialise without being hindered by a deleterious social anxiety that is torturous I wish i could extricate this anxiety from […]

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The Strange Women At Flat Number 28

This beguiling eccentric women who resides at flat 28A flat directly above me I see her occasional saunter out of the block of flats She walks with a weariness with a detached aloofness We on rare moments came across each other We exchange these monosyllabic awkward pleasantries No long effusive conversations just stilted interactionsI want […]

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The Date

Tonight i take my first steps into the world of dating I am terrified of being that vulnerable to have to be engaging and interesting for an entire evening My date is his gorgeous intelligent perfect specimen of a man Whilst I’m a homely invisible ugly women with deep untreated psychological scars I am going […]

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I saw your photogenic image that captivated me that rendered me breathless I glimpsed a immaculate vision of a man With green emerald eyes of iridescent beauty that pierce into the caverns of my soul I stared at your face i scrutinised the contours of your chiselled face I was seduced by your tinder photographs […]

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