The Wedding

The Morning Its 8:00 am i have awoken at a ungodly early hour on a clement august Saturday in my old bed in my old house on this supposedly momentous day. Its the day of my fathers wedding day his second wedding nearly 10 years since the traumatic suicide of my mum. 10 years ago […]

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The Darkest Day Part 3

After the priest powerful emotional soaring eulogy in which we rendered the funeral congregation to tears. My mums best friend since childhood Dorothy again delivered a funny poignant elocution filled with humorous anecdotes and lamenting the tragic untimely passing of her best friend. Then my father got up tentatively to recite a poem which encapsulated […]

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The Darkest Day Part 2

After a eternity as me and my grieving stoic father sat languidly in the funeral car directly behind the hearse containing my mothers decaying corpse. Then the rest of the funeral attendees got inside their respective vehicles and we could proceed to the church. It was a long arduous journey as we travelled at a […]

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Lost My Faith In God

Once upon a time i used to be a vehement vociferous believer in godI would habitually attend church on a Sunday I would carry the crucifix round my neck Every night I would say a prayer recite passages from the new a testament When my mother died when the genesis of my depression began It […]

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Tears Of Rage

Mother why have you forsaken me I was only 13 you left my life forever Suicide that my fragile heart shattered irrecoverably damaged I cried tears of rage night after night in the aftermath of your untimely demise God why have you let this tragedy transpire Why didn’t you shelter my mother from the tumultuous […]

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The Wedding

Had to attend my fathers second wedding It was torture having to hide my anxiety my severe depression Forcing a insincere smile on staged photographs Pretending to be happy for my father pretending to be happy to be alive The social anxiety i endured was onerous I disappeared for hours in the toilet shacking twitching […]

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Terminal Depression

Can’t shake this pain It makes my bones ache with sadness I can barely walk i can barely function its so excruciating to live with This depression this pain is terminal its like having a cancer infecting you’re entire body One day i will awake and be unable to carry on living this way One […]

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Faith In God

God and the bible is a source of immense comfort to me In dark times when i am lost in the bleak vast wilderness When I traverse the valley of darkness this ancient gospel gives me comfort The profound teachings of Jesus that is eloquently elucidated in the bible warms my tender fragile heart The […]

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