The Horror Of The Mirror

I glimpse this deformed creature in the mirror In the early hours my pallid grotesque face appears so ugly I see the cracks the large snozzle the blemishes on my acne scarred face I can barely look in the mirror before I brush my teeth in the early hours of a Monday morning Before i […]

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My Panic Attack Nightmare

I loathe going to the dentist its one of my biggest phobias. Having a dentist inspect my repulsive English teeth. The entire experience of the dentist is a onerous torturous ordeal that i am forced to endure several times a year. I force myself despite the acuteness of my social anxiety i am subjected to […]

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My First Youtube Video

Its 5 o’clock on a Sunday evening I’m locked inside my gothically decorated fortress of solitude. I have made the momentous anxiety inducing decision to start talking about myself through the medium of YouTube. For months I have been ruminating about posting videos in which i elucidate my long term battle with untreated undiagnosed mental […]

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Acid Rain

Today was the day i lost my innocence forever when a horrifying tragedy befell our family. As the day progressed it seemed like a standard school day nothing exceptional or extraordinary. It was a Thursday afternoon when my father picked me up from my weekly cello lessons from my cello instructor. Normally i would saunter […]

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The Darkest Day Part 1

The sky was eclipsed in darkness the landscape of my home town was devoid of colour of life. I peered outside my room and examined the bleak landscape i examined a dreary drab wet windy day. The sky was enclosed in a dark forbidding clouds that threatened a torrential downpour at any moment. The scenery […]

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Adventures In VR Porn

I ordered a virtual reality headset from amazon almost a week ago and today it finally arrived at my address. I was overcome with excitement as the delivery driver handed this deliciously parcelled futuristic device to me. This headset was a oculus go my first real virtual reality device. It would enable me to view […]

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The Warehouse

I listlessly traverse to my warehouse 5 times a week. It’s like a beehive where worker drones make honey for a amoral monolithic corporate entity. As i travel to this grey lifeless colourless workplace environment my heart sinks into a prolonged state of melancholy. The sadness the malaise grows more intense as i become more […]

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