My Body

In the mirror I inspect my body I am naked dissecting every flaw every crackLooking at my pallid emaciated body with horror No curves no shape just a flat 2d body devoid of personality I have no ass its no bumps just a flat featureless assMy breasts are tiny insignificant no man will be seduced […]

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Haven’t slept for the past 2 nightsDon’t feel tired just weary in a perpetual state of anxiety 48 hours since i drift into unconsciousness I am afflicted with insomnia sporadically it occurs several times a year Right now I feel strange it’s like being stoned Going so lone without sleep you not really awake just […]

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Acid Rain

Me and my father found my mothers dead body in our home She had killed herself by hanging She left no signs she was impaired with depression She in her enigmatic manner left no note just a body and a hole in my adolescent heart We opened the door and witnessed a abominable scene of […]

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The Tranquility Of My Room

A Friday night on my own All my house guests are enjoying a night of social intercourseIm enjoying the serenity of my PS4 my large jug of margarita Playing a new linear immersive video game After another week of torturous anxiety A week of anxiety attacks feeling so disquieted Needing fervently the sweet intoxicating drug […]

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She snarls at me puts me down viciously when i catch a glimpse of my reflectionShe is with all the time excoriating my behaviour She with glaring cold eyes humiliates me tears apart my delicate self confidence She bullies me constantly calls me names She calls me a slut a bitch ugly When i go […]

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I am obsessed with my physical appearanceSpending hours in the mirror critiquing my repugnant pallid visage I want to be beautiful to be the object of attraction I want this flawless physical perfection that’s illustrated by instagram models These instagram influencers with there image they portray of a idyllic life With there immaculate faces and […]

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We rarely speak you’re my last parent Since mothers suicide we have drifted further and further apart Our conversations are stilted and awkward There’s no warmth no connection between us We never speak about mothers suicide The emotional torment that tragic act engendered in our lives Even talking about mother is verboten in our homeShe […]

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A Night Out With Anxiety Disorder

I bravely acquiesce to my friends vehement demands for a night out Despite a evening of several hours of excruciating anxiety i go out I adorn my scrawny female body in a gothic attireI put on my warpaint my mask that plasters over the cracks of my gnarled deformed adult face Before the night commences […]

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Glass Face

A face full of imperfection A face full of cracks and blemishes A face that’s fragile like glass A face that can barely stand the world I have a pallid complexion that i cant stand to look at In the mirror when I’m all alone i am repulsed at my glass like fragile emaciated face […]

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5 Years Ago

5 Years this week you left me forever I returned home with my father to find your hanging corpse You hung yourself and left a verbosely worded forlorn suicide note A note in which you eloquently delineated your reasons why you took such a deleterious act of self destruction The pain of seeing your body […]

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