I Drank The Poison

Last night i was afflicted with a harrowing evocative nightmare
In this chilling nightmare i found myself being administered a noxious concoction that would end my life
A women clothed in white advised me to consume the deadly cocktail
I acquiesced to her vehement demands and downed it wanting to end the oppressive pain of being alive

In this vivid dark prophecy of my untimely demise the poison only worked when i fall into a deep slumber
Upon drinking the suicide cocktail i immediately regretted my deleterious decision to end my life
I pleaded with this mysterious women in white to help me stay alive
She told me in this white room there were only 2 options to stave off death to remain awake for 24 hours or too vomit out the deadly chemicals from my fragile body

I concluded to stay awake in my fanatic condition
Rushing home at a expeditious pace wanting desperately to be alive to expunge the toxic concoction from my body
In this long vivid dream I consumed a copious amount of coffee in a diligent attempt to remain alive
I pleaded begged god to keep from the savage jaws of death in the end of the dream I miraculously survived then i awoke with terror and a profusion of sweat on my anxiety laden body

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