I’m Ugly

Peer into the the cracked mirror
A malformed grotesque creature is glaring back at me
Eyes devoid of life eyes so listless and languid
A face pale i shudder in horror at my homely face with a ghostlike complexion

I brush my teeth in this castigating mirror
I glimpse a set of deformed gnarled teeth
I desire a perfect ivory teeth instead of these unsightly broken teeth
I’m hideous I’m not human what are these teeth everywhere i look i see happy people with perfect iridescent smiles that emanate joy

The rest of my body that stands naked and afraid in the one mirror in my flat in my bathroom is no better
I have a flat featureless body no curves no personality
This emaciated with tiny breasts and no ass that man in his right mind would desire
I begin to cry droplets of tears as I stare intensely at my entire body at my scrawny physique

To see myself for a mere few minutes completely naked is a harrowing experience
I am so utterly ugly barely human
I want to be beautiful so badly I want to be photogenic with perfect perky breasts and perfect gleaming ivory teeth
I want to be desired to not have this sick ugly feeling about myself to not feel like scum when i view myself

This is why i eschew mirrors they bring disquiet to me
The reminder of the day i will be wrecked with anxiety with loathing
I need to remove the one mirror from my flat
Much preferable to live without glimpsing my abhorrent face

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