To Be Touched Hugged Loved

The wind howls in the bleak autumn evening
The stars in full display the beauty of the celestial universe is illuminated tonight
Distant echoes of people laughing dogs barking pierce through my window
The loneliness of my life is exacerbated by the sublime nighttime horizon

I stare outside my window with a haunted mournful expression
Dreaming of the majesty of falling in love with a beguiling stranger
Fantasising of being touched being hugged by a lover by a friend
A simple everyday act of human contact that absent from my desolate life

The dream of having a lover run his soft tender fingers through my hair
To kiss his honeyed lustrous lips and feel the electricity of sexual energy pulsate in my body
Feeling alive imbued with feelings of emotional validation
He’s there a vision of masculine perfection with cascading dark brown hair and a ebullient gleaming smile

I meander through life afflicted with feelings of worthlessness
I am a sub human being i am a ghost to unable to be touched to be hugged
Precluded from expressing a modicum of emotion of ever being vulnerable due to the hindrances of my personality
I long i ache to be touched to be kissed to be caressed to feel like a human being instead of this outcasted monster

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