I’m not here I’m already dead
I meander aimlessly through life floating like a ghost
Nobody looks at me pays a modicum of attention to me
Am I alive am a phantom is there blood in my veins

I feel numb devoid of vitality no colour in my pallid complexion
I have stopped smiling stop exhibiting any emotion
My ghost face never breaks no emotion is portrayed in my haunted visage
Soon in the next few weeks i will hopefully become a ghost become a distant lamentable memory

I never go out anymore other to traverse back and forth from my employment
I stay ensconced in my flat never answer the phone
The curtains remain closed no sunlight no radiating beams of light enter my residence
I float in my flat like a dead soul wanting the sweet blissful release of death

I’m not anywhere i am lost in the limbo
My only dreams are to drift away to die
My eyes are screaming for this harrowing ordeal of life to be over
I am a ghost a mute emotionless subhuman creature waiting for my forlorn desolate languid life to be over

No soul hears my departed screams of emotional torment
No one cares i am already dead waiting patiently for my final day
Suicide I’d beckoning me i want it so badly to become nothing to be worms food

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