In The Mirror

I gaze at myself on the mirror
I stare for 10 minutes and am horrified at this pallid visage that glares back at me
The mirror reveals all its a window into my soul
The mirror is a unforgiving dissection of my physical imperfections

Before i take the brave step to look at myself in the dreaded mirror
I have these illusions of beauty that I’m reasonable attractive
These illusions are shattered in a mere 10 minutes
10 minutes in which I’m brought to tears looking scrutinising this horrid creature in the mirror

After a protracted time being horrified at my appearance
I make an oath to never on any circumstances to peer into the mirror
I hide all mirrors in my home putting them in my closet
I will only look at myself when I’m putting on makeup on a sublime night out with my university comrades

The mirror leaves my self esteem shattered
The anxiety the self loathing intensifies after this wretched experience
I see myself as others see me this deformed freak devoid of elegance or beauty
After a mere 10 minutes i become severely depressed and unable to leave the sanctum the sanctuary of my room it was a scarring experience ill never again peer into the mirror that illuminates my deformed broken soul to myself

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