My Escape

After another onerous day of interacting with strangers
After another vexatious day of awkward social intercourse
After all the anxiety all the toxicity that been accumulating inside of me like a volcano
I escape to my safe space a land of immersive video games

Its a virtual universe where I’m free from all the sadness all the stress of life
My anxiety my depression evaporates temporarily as i play for hours in linear single player video games
I can not only escape the world but myself my limited introverted introspective personality and become a alter ego a id
I sit down on the edge of my bed plug in my gaming headphones and begin hours of escapist immersive gaming

My favourite game is the last of us a breathtakingly beautiful and poignant game
A game which elicits me to cry on numerous occasions
I cry on a video game when important characters die so tragically
This game is my escape my 21st century literature

I hide in the enclave of my room forgetting all the troubles of being afflicted with a variety of mental disorders
The pain of existing dissipates as i plug in the video game and lose myself in a seductive virtual landscape
These worlds are my escape that inspire and inflame my imagination
After playing a engrossing linear first player game I’m inspired to create sublime works of literature

One thought on “My Escape

  1. Hello. I’m so sorry you feel you have to use video games to escape the world. I understand why you feel that way.
    There is someone who can help, though. It’s God. He loves you and will never abandon or betray you. With him, the void in your life will be filled! You will have purpose for this life and assurance of heaven when you die. I promise, following him was the best decision I ever made in my life. He is calling out to you.
    All you need to do is admit that you have broken his laws, believe that his Son, Jesus, died to take the penalty for your disobedience, ask him to forgive you and come into your heart, and choose to follow him. If you want to learn more, please check this out. Please know that you are loved.

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