Get Me Home

Get me home get me home
Is the anxiety mantra I repeat to myself when I’m not at home
When the anxiety the panic is giving me disquiet
I repeat this mantra to assuage my anxiety

Its what i desire to be alone away from the terror of other people
When i perceive the onset of a panic attack I want the serenity of my private kingdom
The fear the sweating the paranoia the sadness the heavy breathing the claustrophobia
I need to get home to be safe away from the harm of the crowd of the cacophony of human interaction

Get me home i plead to a higher power to get me into a place of safety
The fear the terror of my social phobia gets so arduous that i need to be separated to exist in isolation
A simple rudimentary conversation is fraught with danger
I sense the people looking at me i feel the berate me with their cold callous eyes

Get me home the frantic anxious mantra repeats in my fractured mind
I want the warmth the calming ambience of my home
No danger when i lock the door
The mantra reverberates in my mind to alleviate my anxiety it helps its like a hug of assurance from an old friend

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