No love on the bleak horizon
I cant find love all my life im rejected
Im ignored i am invisble to potentail male suitors
On occasion I gaze in my cracked mirror and see why I’m ignored

I am a unlovable social leper
A insipid creature devoid of garage devoid of any alluring physical attributes
I have a flat featureless body no curves no personality
My eyes are lifeless languid haunted bereft of beauty

I am a ghost a pallid creature that wanders the earth searching forlornly for love
I want to experience the fantastical nirvana of love and sex
Yet i encounter a slew of rejections that slowly break my hope of ever finding love
Men pass me by they look through with their acerbic glares

I have stopped these illusionary dreams of love
Stopped caring about physical appearance stopped taking caring of my body
The depression of the constant rejection from men has begun to kill my soul
Now the hope has evaporated i accept my fate that i am cursed with uncharismatic personality and a repulsive visage to never receive love or the ecstasy of intimate physical pleasure
I am a freak that can only fantasise about love that falling in love only exists in the my consciousness where I dream of meeting a dashing ravishingly beautiful man of my dreams

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