Can’t sleep cant stop sweating
This heat is exhausting I’m sweating profusely throughout the day
At night i laying in my bed with my windows open
The sweat breeze gives a moment of elation but the muggy heat is relentless

I am tossing and turning all night diligently trying all manner of things to end my insomnia
I take a ice cold shower
I listen to mediative soothing classical music
I listen to a evocative audiobook i write poetry still i cant sleep

As the hours roll by my anxiety intensifies from the lack of sleep
My forehead has beads of sweat that cascade down my pallid face
I am drenched in anxiety wanting to fall into a subconscious state
A million neurotic thoughts flow all at once as my eyes are wide awake

Outside its nearly light its 6 o’clock in the morning
I have nearly abandoned the futile endeavour of falling asleep
My eyes don’t want to close as i see the fervent sun piercing through my thin inadequate curtains
Theres no tranquil breeze just the beginning of another punishing suffocating sweltering July day

I cant sleep its been 3 days of no sleep whatsoever
I feel so anxious unable to talk to strangers and friends without falling into a anxiety attack
I might stay inside and eschew the outside world
I need a morsel of sleep to end this insomnia that’s threatening my mental health my ability to function

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