My anxiety is peaking the thunderstorm has begun
The rumble of thunder followed by a exhilarating flash of lighting
I had to close all my windows despite the sweltering heat
I’m terrified of being struck by lighting

Yet its truly exciting to witness a thunderstorm
Maybe because i live in Britain where there’s a dearth of freakish extreme weather events
We experience no hurricanes or floods but thunder and lighting is very very frightening
The worst part is the excess of rain that cascading from the heavens

I’m hiding under my sweaty covers waiting for this thunderstorm to end
Now the windows are closed the heat in my room is rising
I’m tempted to open a few windows to catch a nice invigorating breeze
Still i am laden with anxiety ensconced in my room waiting with baited breathe for a cession of this malevolent thunderstorm

The rumble of thunder like a angry sea monster rising from its slumber
The flash of lighting like a sign of gods vindictive rage
The wind the rain the threat of death of destruction looms in the air
I want it to end I want to be save I want this howling pernicious storm to pass

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