The Mask

My mask my mask of femininity its wears me it binds it cages me
Unable to take off this mask to be vulnerable to show my true feelings
My mask keeps my pain my disorders a secret
I wear it as a protection to shield me from humanity

Its a mask a veneer of a halcyon demeanour
I project a false image of normality
Its a fake persona that allows me to keep the anxiety the self loathing hidden behind the walls of my repressed mind
The mask hides the silent screams of abject desolation

Behind this metaphorical mask is waves of sadness that endure
In my mind i face a daily torture of anxiety barely able to function
Due to the mask my stoic exterior other people are completely ignorant of the depths of my suffering

The mask is a protection blanket I wear when I interact with people
Its my camouflage to keep my mental illness hidden inside my introverted english mind
The mask shows no tears no sadness no displays of melancholia
Inside this mask I’m dying I’m screaming to divulge my secrets my anxiety to anybody but I’m too petrified to reveal my darkness so i project a false facade of light

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