Mirror Mirror

Mirror mirror on my wall
Who’s this ugly creature peering back at me
Whats this lifeless gollum freak that’s materialised in my dusty mirror
I wish mirror a more photogenic being would emerge in the mirror

The mirror my private window into my gnarled damaged inner psyche
What i see with my eye is my ugly soul with the years of alienation taken its toll on me
I see my crocked smile my hollow cheeks my lifeless languid eyes that once sparkled now rendered dull and moribund
The image of my soul makes me shudder the flaws so glaring

I despise looking at my ugly reflection in this unforgiving mirror
No longer can I hide my hideousness
No longer after a 10 minute stint in the mirror
Can i delude myself the illusion the fantasy that I’m beautiful or in any way human is broken

Looking in my bathroom mirror having my homely appearance illuminated brings tears to my eyes
The anxiety the self loathing is alleviated after the torture of seeing my reflection in the mirror
The summer of hope is transposed into a dark melancholic cloud of winter after i survey my visage in the mirror
Mirror mirror on my bathroom wall you’ve made you’re devastating judgement that I’m cursed to remain a ugly creature cursed by the universe to be perennial alone without love scorned abandoned by humanity

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