I Cant Breathe

I cant breathe i cant breathe
The panic the frenzy the fear is palpable
I’m having a another terrifying panic attack
I’m on the outside surrounded by people feeling so alone

I want to be in the contort in the serenity of my home
I’m all alone on these rough cobbled streets feeling this paralysing panic pulsating round my body
I cant breathe i cant breathe
I cant walk i cant walk i going to collapse to the ground

I feeling like I’m dying like my body my soul is descending down a dark tunnel
Theres no light no escape from the terror of a uncontrollable sporadic panic attack
My body is rendered almost catatonic as i fall to the ground with my arms holding my head
I still cant breathe i am hyperventilating am i dying is this a panic attack or a genuine heart attack

My chest feels so tight i still cant breathe unable to catch a breathe
Its harrowing as i am in the epicentre of a tumult of terror
I am still am on the ground breathing erratically still falling into the abyss
Strangers look past or look at me with disdain or privately ridicule my peculiar behaviour

Nobody holds my hand or comforts me in a severe panic attack
I am ignored by the general public as I slowly recover and can feel my arms and legs and catch a normal breathe
The erratic breathing subsides now i am normal i am alive
The ordeal through leaves me with scars its a harrowing torturous experience that will take weeks to fully recover from

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