The Fantastical Dream Of Happiness

Its a dream a far fetched unattainable fantasy to find happiness
I cant find love it eludes me happiness is a myth
I want to fall in love to feel the tender kiss of a lover
I want to feel the warm embrace of my lover to have him quell my depression my adult alienation

I see friends strangers kissing finding love I’m so jealous
I cant open up cant force myself to be vulnerable to fall in love
The intransigence of my emotional repressed personality has left me desperately alone wanting love like a drug
I meet converse with strangers there’s a connection a rapport but I can’t take the final step I withdraw I’m too afraid

Being naked finding intimacy is impossible unfathomable
The dream of happiness of falling in love only exists in my wild overactive imagination
I want love i want sex to have the beautiful physical and emotional connection with another soul
I dream of laying naked with my lover in our bed in new realms of spiritual ecstasy my lover kisses me the depression the isolation dissolves from me I am lost in the euphoria of love that’s my dream that remains elusive due to the limitations of my socially inhibited personality

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