The Dark Foreboding Forest

I saunter outside into the unknown into the dark forest
Its filled with creatures and monsters wanting to hurt me
I am paralysed with anxiety as i wander alone into the forest
The paranoia intensifies I don’t feel save her

My heart races at a accelerated pace
I am struggling to breathe my knees tremble my hands are profusely shacking
A panic permeates my entire body as i go deeper into the terrifying intimidating dark forest
I hear noises howls screeches from animals
Are threes noises in my head is it real am i losing my mind

Everyday I traverse the dark forest everyday it gets harder to meander through this maze
Sometimes i forego this treacherous journey its gets to onerous for my fragile psyche
The constant worry the relentless stress of being attacked my a strange monster from the depths of the dark forest
Will i make it out alive today will i suffer a attack from a malevolent monster

I tremble as I wander through the dark paths of this forest
As i get deeper into the centre the light fades i cant see where I’m going
The fear escalates there’s nobody to guide me to assuage my nervousness
I’m all alone travelling through the dark forest no calm voice no shoulder to cry on just me petrified of the monsters that dwell in this dark forest

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