My Body

In the mirror I inspect my body
I am naked dissecting every flaw every crack
Looking at my pallid emaciated body with horror
No curves no shape just a flat 2d body devoid of personality

I have no ass its no bumps just a flat featureless ass
My breasts are tiny insignificant no man will be seduced by my tiny ittty bitty titties
My face with its hollow cheeks no colour no life
My bloodshot haunted eyes with no spark no joy no effervescence just a black vid of my soul

My body is a horror show a thing scrawny body that is devoid of beauty
No man is ever beguiled by my body my me
I am invisible a asexual nonexistent freak that wanders through life as a ghost
I want to be admired to be seen as beautiful to nee the object of male fantasises

As i stare meditatively at my body I realise i will always be ugly
I am doomed to be alone to never fall in love with such a unappealing featureless body
I wish i sparkled that my body emitted iridescent beauty
No i was a ugly teenager now I’ve transformed into a hideous adult lacking in a modicum of physical elegance

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