Haven’t slept for the past 2 nights
Don’t feel tired just weary in a perpetual state of anxiety
48 hours since i drift into unconsciousness
I am afflicted with insomnia sporadically it occurs several times a year

Right now I feel strange it’s like being stoned
Going so lone without sleep you not really awake just drifting in limbo
I feel as if I’m drunk and hangover at the same time
This surreal sensation that’s running through my sleep deprived mind

A million anxious ruminations pulsate in my consciousness all at once
I want to turn my neurotic overactive imagination off
I want to sleep to end this harmful habit of insomnia that driving my fragile mind to the edge of another panic attack

I try a multitude of endeavours to tire out my agitated mind
Diligently i have exercised i have read for hours i have even gotten high by consuming psychoactive drugs
All to no avail i remain awake wanting to fall asleep the only cure for my ill is to seek medical help for my insomnia
That requires me to break my social anxiety and admit to a qualified professional i am vulnerable i need help I need medications to remedy my sleeping disorder

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