The Mask

Before i leave the safety the shelter of my room
I put on a metaphorical mask a veneer a persona
Its a mask of normality a persona that protects me from the darkness from the tumult that’s lurking in the recesses of my fractured psyche
The mask allows me to smile to laugh when I’m deeply depressed

The mask shields my mind from ever appearing vulnerable
With the mask i have convinced all my friends strangers that i am a relatively normal functioning adult
They are completely unaware of my crippling social anxiety my body dysmorphia disorder my depression my self harm
I eschew from removing the mask from divulging my emotional wounds to even my closest friends

On the inside in my private interior i am afflicted with daily anxiety panic attacks
I suffer sporadic bouts of severe depression in which I ruminate about killing myself
Nobody is cognisant of these dark mental ill inclinations due to this mask of mental stability
The mask protects me keeps my secrets hidden keeps my flaws my self loathing a secret I only reveal to myself to twitter via a anonymous account to peel off this mask to uncover myself to me naked would be excruciatingly painful like scream therapy

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