Going Out

Its going to be a great night of excessive drinking
My anxiety my depression has vanished as i want to luxuriate in the wondrous pleasures of being alive
Ill be with my friends laughing dancing enjoying the music the absorbing conversation
I didn’t feel nervous or anxious about going to the pubs and clubs

After months of relentless terminable depression i feel free
I know one day i will awake wanting to dir but tonight i am blissed out
My body is tingling i am in a ecstatic euphoric state
I have smoked a exorbitant quantity of cannabis before i depart for a night of hedonism and excessive devouring of alcoholic libations

There are many nights out when i am tortured on the inside with unbearable anxiety
Many nights when I endure a anxiety attack but with the ameliorating effects of cannabis the anxiety has almost entirely dissipated from my neurotic body
I want to dance with my girlfriends to meet a man to kiss to meet new exciting charismatic people
Maybe oh maybe I will fall in love with a delectable ravishing beauty who will make me feel beautiful maybe I will meet a man who finds me alluring

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