In My Bed

I’m laying all snug inside my duvet
My bedroom door is locked from the inside
I am listening attentively to the angelic melancholic piano of Chopin
I am in pure bliss transfixed my the music my the serene ambience of my private kingdom

All day being on the outside existing in the real world
I have experienced another day of purgatory with the relentless incessant anxiety i have to endure
Having basic conversations meeting strangers fills my tender head with angst
Another day of attending lectures being riddled with paranoia with anxiety

Now though i am free from all that psychological torture of enforced socialising
I can listen to classical music for hours as i lay down in a stoned altered state
I am mediating to the beauty of the music as the hullucagenic psychoactive drugs send into nirvana
I am tightly locked inside my black and white duvet starting at the ceiling as strange visions and sensations appear in my mind

My bed my bedroom i feel beautiful i feel pure
I am far away from the prying judging eyes of other humans
On the outside they castigate me with their cold eyes looking down on me
In my bed there’s no glaring cold callous eyes making me feel so ugly no mirrors to magnify my numerous physical imperfections just the transformative beauty of the cannabis and music and the tranquility of my room

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