The Hunger

Got a terminal emptiness a rumbling in my gut
Its a sick weak feeling a faint ill sensation
Its a hunger that wont be satisfied with a delectable nourishing meal
Its a hunger brought on my a empty life devoid of love

I eat a copious selection of high in fat foods still the hunger persists
I eat my feelings i drink my feelings i smoke my pain
After a marathon session of indulging my desire for food i feel empty i am sick
The sick sensation is pervasive in my defective emotional malnourished soul

Food is love its a substitute for emotional intimacy
I am incapable of achieving physical intimacy so I feast in a delectable selection of fatty foods
The unsatisfied unfulfilled desire for sex for validation via physical orgasm with another soul is intense

After a lengthy feast I crash the depression intensifies
I look at my grotesque visage in the mirror i feel this repugnance with myself
I am sick i need to divulge my pain to release this depression to a paid professional
I let this cancerous depression metastasise in my frail adult body i need to confess with a friend i am in need of a warm hug

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