Faith In God

God and the bible is a source of immense comfort to me
In dark times when i am lost in the bleak vast wilderness
When I traverse the valley of darkness this ancient gospel gives me comfort
The profound teachings of Jesus that is eloquently elucidated in the bible warms my tender fragile heart

The bible since my mothers untimely tragic demise has kept me alive
I read passages of the bible to myself when i am doubting my faith in god in myself in humanity
When i am overcome with suicidal thoughts the preachings the values of love and forgiveness that is espoused in the King James Bible is a panacea to my agonising emotional pain
Its the new gospel that i tirelessly read to ward of the black wolves from the door

When i awake wanting to end my life to read a passage gives me light
The teachings of god and Jesus is like a harm hug from a invisible friend
Its a iridescent hallucinogenic light that elevates me from my terminal loneliness
My relationship with Jesus with my catholic faith is a private one i never go to church or opine to friends abkiut my faith I pray daily in the morning and before i sleep its a therapeutic private act that mitigates the pain of my untreated mental illness

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