I troll Myself

Even before i venture outside to face a cruel world
I will sling a avalanche of vicious insult at myself
Like a sadistic bully as i wash my face brush my malformed teeth
I viciously snarling in the mirror like a rapid dog shout insults at my unappealing homely pallid face

Before i clothe myself i look for several minutes at my deformed naked body
I inspect all the cracks the flaws my saggy breasts my flat ass which society has deemed unattractive
Sometimes in this daily ordeal tears stream down my face as I shudder in horror at my body a reflection of my hideous soul that is devoid of beauty
I cry for minutes as the bully in me my self loathing finishes his daily evisceration of my appearance

Then after that i plaster my face in the war paint
The makeup that will mask my blemishes my flaws
I want to appear at least presentable to the outside world
I mask my ashen face with foundation i coat my sexless lips in a crimson lipstick

I refrain from looking in the dreaded mirror
The mirror gives me such distress i wish it would for once be kind to be
Then before i leave my home to attend my studies i clothe my frail body in long sleeved clothing
I wrap my face in a hoodie which will hopefully obscure my hideous visage i leave my abode after the daily trolling the bullying i vent on myself

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