The Tranquility Of My Room

A Friday night on my own
All my house guests are enjoying a night of social intercourse
Im enjoying the serenity of my PS4 my large jug of margarita
Playing a new linear immersive video game

After another week of torturous anxiety
A week of anxiety attacks feeling so disquieted
Needing fervently the sweet intoxicating drug of solitude and extensive excessive consumption of stress alleviating alcohol
Playing a new video game like opening the first page of a enthralling absorbing novel

The thought the dread of venturing outside in my fragile condition
If fills my vulnerable heart with anxiety I want i need to be alone to be sequestered for an evening from the human race
I need to be alone with my thoughts so i can pacify the negative toxicity that is circulating in my damaged personality

I mix the magnificent cocktail take a straw
Take a long gulp as i consume my first blissful hit of that sweet nectar
Then I start this newly purchased video game as my heart is racing with nervous anticipation
This is how ill spend a well deserved evening of blissful isolation away from the trauma the torment of uncomfortable social settings for the safety the sanctuary of my private kingdom

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