She snarls at me puts me down viciously when i catch a glimpse of my reflection
She is with all the time excoriating my behaviour
She with glaring cold eyes humiliates me tears apart my delicate self confidence
She bullies me constantly calls me names

She calls me a slut a bitch ugly
When i go out she talks into my ear making feel paranoid
She tells me how everybody despises me looks upon me with utter contempt
She tells me to cover my deformed scarred ashen face which elicits men to shudder and shiver with horror

She makes me feel a heightened sense of anxiety when I’m around strangers
She makes me feel so alone so deeply depressed to the point of suicide
Her savage cutting remarks take my fragile mental state to the edge of the abyss
Her vociferous relentless castigation of my personality my visage drives me further away from the warmth of friendship

Her sadistic behaviour has left me feeling like nobody will ever love me
That no man in their right mind would find me alluring
Her gnarled voice haunts me in the silence of my isolation
She is the voice in my head the silent screams of despair she is my self loathing she exists in my fractured broken psyche

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