Acid Rain

Me and my father found my mothers dead body in our home
She had killed herself by hanging
She left no signs she was impaired with depression
She in her enigmatic manner left no note just a body and a hole in my adolescent heart

We opened the door and witnessed a abominable scene of my mother hanging there
I with tears cascading down my ashen teenage face looked at this lifeless body
I cried for moments whilst my father fell to his chair unable to articulate a modicum of despair he was feeling
Then in the madness i absconded to my fortress of solitude wanting to not look upon my mothers listless sad body

In my room i cried hysterically as I buried my grief stricken face in my pillow
I held my childhood teddy bear i my arms
Wanting fervently to feel some comfort some solace in the disquietude of this nightmarish situation
I locked my door playing sad piano music at a thunderous volume in my earphones
I reminded ensconced in my room hiding myself from the pain not wanting to see my mothers being dragged away

Not wanting my mother sad lifeless emerald green eyes looking into the hollows of my soul
The acid rain of this day haunts me to this day
5 long years have passed since my mother killed herself
Never have i grieved her death or expressed my pain to a intimate friend

Her death the memory of seeing her sad body hanging there still brings me to tears
I cry when glimpse a old picture of this once life affirming charismatic women
A women who cared for me who showered me with love
Who is gone forever who exists now as a sad forlorn fading memory of a wonderful women

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