The Dreaded Trip To The Dentist

My anxiety has reach the apex today
I have to go to the dentist to face 2 of my fears
Facing the ordeal of a protracted medical procedure at a dentist
And the intense social anxiety of interacting with strangers

The anxiety the psychological torture of allowing medical professionals inside my teeth
To see them place various medical implements inside my mouth
To let myself become so vulnerable so naked
I’m incredibly self conscious of my hideous teeth

Despite my thoughts on my typically English teeth
The dentist is usually effusive in his complements at the state of my teeth
I refuse to believe him
Ive seen them in my mirror seen the gaps the flaws the colour of my fangs

I long to have perfect iridescent American teeth
Teeth that I’m not afraid to smile with
Teeth that sparkle that are the colour of milk
I want it smile freely without evasion or reticence

So today i have enormous trepidation and anxiety i will embark on a journey to the dentist
Its hours away from my appointment
Already my body is shacking with nervousness
I want the agony the angst of a trip to the dentist to be over i want no soul to inspect my deformed teeth to judge me to make me feel like a freak so ugly so inhuman

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