Glass Face

A face full of imperfection
A face full of cracks and blemishes
A face that’s fragile like glass
A face that can barely stand the world

I have a pallid complexion that i cant stand to look at
In the mirror when I’m all alone i am repulsed at my glass like fragile emaciated face
I scrutinise all the spots the hairs that appear
I glimpse my hollow haunted eyes that appear so languid so listless

My brutalised face is a sad window on my damaged psyche
The cracks the dilapidated features that have been ravaged by a adolescence scared by terminal depression
My mouth my lips once radiated with a lust for life now is so dry so listless
Lips drub and brittle like my personality these lips are devoid of sensuality or beauty

My hair that once was flowing that once cascaded down my youthful body
Now as i fail to care for my brunette hair it’s ravaged by split ends
This hair a sea of split ends is like a metaphor for my deprecating mental condition
My hair my face are windows mirrors to my slowly dying soul that cant handle being alive anymore you see the fissures on my damaged grotesque face that are a reflection of my deterioration into suicidal depression

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