A Night Out With Anxiety Disorder

I bravely acquiesce to my friends vehement demands for a night out
Despite a evening of several hours of excruciating anxiety i go out
I adorn my scrawny female body in a gothic attire
I put on my warpaint my mask that plasters over the cracks of my gnarled deformed adult face

Before the night commences i consume the requisite anti anxiety medication
The meds hit my bloodstream helping to assuage the disquietude i will face interacting with strangers
The prescription meds enable my body to feel a tolerable level of anxiety
Still as we hit the first few bars i am overridden with anxiety I want to nullify the anxiousness by devouring a copious quantity of alcohol

On this night with the encouragement of my bevy of friends we devour a smorgasbord of potent cocktails
With insatiable appetite we become increasingly intoxicated throughout the evening
As i feel the bliss of drunkenness the anxiety slowly dissipates and i feel a modicum of serenity
The alcohol the meds make being in bars pubs and clubs tolerable without the ameliorating effect of these mind altering chemicals i would suffer a torturous evening of anxiety.

Without the nirvana of alcohol and these meds i suffer a anxiety attack for sure

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