The Horror Of The Mirror

I glimpse this deformed creature in the mirror
In the early hours my pallid grotesque face appears so ugly
I see the cracks the large snozzle the blemishes on my acne scarred face
I can barely look in the mirror before I brush my teeth in the early hours of a Monday morning

Before i venture outside i most coat i most mask all the ugliness
Without the makeup i am a repugnant deformed freak of a women
Even with my face coated in my female war paint i am a unattractive homely teenager
I see strangers glaring at me with contempt with disdain

I wish I hadn’t a mirror it feels my fragile soul with disquietude
The self loathing the depression is heightened for the few minutes i gaze into my face
The mirror is a window into my ravaged damaged psyche a window into my negative perception of myself
I see everything all the cracks all the flaws all the repugnance the rest of humanity has to see

The mirror is a horrifying ordeal i face everyday
A ordeal before i face the indifference the chill of the world
I look at myself call myself a freak a monster a maggot not deserving of life
I troll myself for several minutes before i have to face the anxiety the perpetual unease of being around the general public

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